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Teeth are among the most neglected body part in America. According to the National Institutes of Health, over 20 million Americans avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid of the dentist, or lack of insurance. So you don't have dental insurance but you're not afraid of the dentist. In fact, you want to go to the dentist but are unsure of what insurance provider to pick for your dental plan. Well look no further than MetLife Dental Insurance. MetLife Dental Insurance is offered by MetLife, Inc, one of the leading insurance firms that cater to both individuals and businesses around the United States. MetLife has support for both PPO and HMO dental plans. But what's the difference between these two plans?

PPO stands for "Preferred Provider Organization". This is a way to make business mutually beneficial for both the dentists who accept the plan and the people covered under it. What it means is that there is a designated network of professionals that you have to use for your plan. This helps the dentists under the plan because they get more referrals and business, and the insurance company doesn't have to deal with so many claims. Some advantages to this system are the low deductible, shorter wait times, and much less paperwork. You also can go to any dentist that you want, just the ones in the designated network are cheaper. A PPO is designed to help both dentists and patients give and receive the care they need with less hassle of paperwork and wait times. It makes both sides of the spectrum run more efficiently.

An HMO stands for "Health Maintenance Organization". This type of insurance requires a form of prepayment, and if you don't use the designated network for HMO you will not get any form of financial help from your insurance, you will have to pay the dental bill entirely out of your own pocket. There are some additional benefits to an HMO however:
- You can't be turned away. No matter what the problem is, a dentist cannot turn away a patient covered under their HMO policy.
- Availability. Most companies offer a wide assortment of HMO dental plans (such as MetLife Dental Insurance), which can help you balance the coverage you need and the amount of money you can pay .
- Less expensive. On the whole, HMO dental has very low monthly payments, which can help many patients who do not have to go to the dentist that often save money.
Unfortunately, there are also some disadvantages:
- Longer wait times. Instead of getting your care in a few days like you would with a PPO, you can often wait months for dental car.
- No options. If you don't use a dentist covered under your plan, you will not be able to use the dentist unless you pay out of pocket. Bad news if you don't like your local HMO-covered dentist!
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